Graduation can be a bittersweet time. All the hard work and time is finally paying off, but it signifies the end of a chapter. Though some may be more than willing to kiss college life goodbye, still others will miss the benefits and connections they had while attending Weber State University.

However, those who feel this way do not have to say goodbye to absolutely everything. Students are encouraged to become active alumni.

Amber Robson, the membership and marketing director of the WSU Alumni Association, said she believes graduating students should become members of the alumni association to maintain ties with Weber State.

“The first thing I would say is that it’s your way to stay connected to your alma mater for a lifetime,” she said. “And it’s a real affordable way to keep those ties connected.”

Lindquist alumni center-small.jpg
The Lindquist Alumni Center is another place for alums to keep in touch. (Signpost archives)

Besides staying connected to your alma mater, joining the association gives access to additional educational opportunities.

The WSU Alumni website explains the educational benefits in more detail.

“Thinking about graduate or professional school? Need to prepare to take the GRE, GMAT or LSAT exam? As a member of the Weber Alumni Association, you are eligible to receive a 20 percent tuition discount on test preparation classes through Continuing Education and Community Engagement at the University of Utah.”

Other benefits of becoming an alum include discounts on rental equipment. trips and workshops from the Wilderness Recreation Center, a free Dee Events Center parking pass and free access to the Stewart Library.

Becoming an alum also allows former students to take advantage of various discounts, including those from the school stores. According to the website, alumni may “receive a 10 percent discount on WSU apparel, school supplies, gifts and home decor items. Pay NO Sales tax on course related materials (textbooks & technology) that have been requested by WSU professors.”

There are also special benefits for new graduates wishing to become alums. “If you’re a new graduate from December 2015 or Spring 2016, then you get the new grad membership, which is only $20 versus $30. Additional benefits are a Swenson Gym discount pass for six months for $60 versus one year for $250,” Robson said.

Mt Ogden Hike 003-X3.jpg
Alumni can always come back at Homecoming for the annual Mount Ogden Hike. (Source: Stewart Library Collection)

There are also good options that benefit new graduates looking to use their new degree to acquire desired jobs and start on good career paths. “We offer an online webinar series, where you can listen to professionals, which gives you an over-compassing career source that helps you progress,” she said.

If graduates are looking to become alumni, they can sign up online at

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