Summer is typified by spending a lot of time outside at barbecues, beaches, hikes, pool parties and so on. Here in Utah, the summer heat can get cranked up —highs in the 90s and even the 100s on some days. The elevation also increases the power of the sun’s rays, increasing the severity of sunburns.

Here are some tips to keep your summer burns under control:

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Tip No. 1. Keep it covered

SPF is your best friend. Lather up multiple times per day, and be sure to get even coverage if you are using spray-on sunscreen.

Be sure to put on extra sunscreen if you’re swimming, and make sure that the sunscreen is waterproof.

Stock up on lip balm with some SPF so your lips don’t crack, and wear a hat so your scalp doesn’t fry.

You could even wear long-sleeved, loose-fitting clothing to keep the sun off.

Sunglasses are helpful to keep out those UV , but make sure you do ten minutes on, ten minutes off so you don’t have rings around your eyes and stripes down your temples.

Tip No. 2. Admit you’re toast and address it right away

Step one is get out of the sun— limit the damage by stopping it whenever you notice.

Right after you burn, take an anti-inflammatory pill that may help with the swelling. Remember to replenish your fluids by drinking tons of water.

Take a lukewarm bath or shower, but be sure to avoid harsh soaps for now, as it will irritate and dry out your burn.

Tip No. 3. Salves

So, you didn’t keep it covered and now you’re as toasted as the marshmallows that summer campers have with their s’mores — your savior is salves.

There are a few different concoctions to put on your burnt skin to help ease the agony.

Aloe is the common one, and you can use it straight from the plant, from the bottle or freeze the gel in ice cube trays.

Plain yogurt is another great lubricant. Apply the yogurt on your burn and the enzymes in the yogurt will help ease the pain.

You can also use lotion, but be sure that the lotion doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that will cause irritation. Remember to double check that it is unscented and color free.

Tip No. 4. Compress

Wet rags pressed gently onto your skin can help the burn cool down.

The best thing to wet the rags down with is skim milk. Much like the yogurt, it is going help tone down the pain and relieve the burning sensation.

Green tea, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil or some lavender oils can also be used.

Tip No. 5. Uncategorized tips

Spray bottles are heavenly for cooling your body temperature.

Loose fitting clothing can help lessen itching and peeling.

Putting your sheets in the freezer makes for a nicer sleep.

Keeping your shower temperature down for a while can ease your suffering.

Keep these tips in mind as you adventure in the sun this summer!

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