This year, the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities will have a new dean.

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Scott Sprenger, the new dean for the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities at Weber State University. (Source: Weber State University)

His name is Scott Sprenger, and he worked for BYU in the Arts and Humanities department for 22 years, between 1993 and 2014, and at the American College of Paris as the Provost for two years, between 2014 and 2016.

When Sprenger found out about the receiving of his new position he said, “I was pleased. I know there was competition, and so I was pleased that Weber State found value in the kind of skills that I bring to the table.” His excitement combined with his skills make him an asset to the program.

“I just want to learn and understand organically what Weber State’s about and what this college is about and see if there are areas of improvement,” said Sprenger about starting as the new dean this fall semester. “I need to learn. I’ll spend, probably, the first year just learning from people. I’ve been here a week, and already I’ve met with about a dozen people.”

Madonne Miner, the previous Dean for the Lindquist College for the last eight years, said she was “fortunate to work with a team of people. All members of the team had something to bring to the table.”

“The college is at a really good point to do some interdisciplinary work with the different colleges at the university,” said Miner. “I see Scott as a person to bring that closer, and help faculty members to see connections among the departments. He’s going to improve the way in which the college operates and the opportunities we provide for the students.”

According to Miner, Sprenger was able to bring experience to the Arts and Humanities students outside of their major, allowing them easier access to a professional career.

“I think that what I bring that’s unique is the international experience, so having lived in Paris but also developing international study abroad and internship programs,” said Sprenger on the matter. “I’m also happy to come to a state school. I’ve been in a private school since I left a state school. I’ve never worked at a state school, so I was looking forward to that as well.”

Sprenger officially began his tenure on July 1 and will spend the summer in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Miner said, “I think it’s an exciting time in higher education. There’s a lot of talk in higher education. I see Scott as someone who is very smart and aware of the nuances of the conversations, and he’s going to prove to be an exceptional leader of the college.”

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