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According to Runner’s World, Utah is 9th in the nation for miles run per capita. Utahans seem to love running —so it can be assumed that there is a great portion of Weber State University students who like running as well.

Here are some things for Utah summer joggers to remember to help stay safe, healthy and happy.

1. Pick the right time to jog

If you choose to go running at 3 p.m., you could risk dehydration, sunburn and sunstroke. Exercising in the morning or at night will help you avoid the heat of the sun. If you are running during the darker hours, make sure to make yourself visible to traffic by wearing bright colors and running against traffic.

2. Prepare for the sun

If you are running in the sun, make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and sufficient covering or sunscreen on exposed skin. Soak in that vitamin D, but make sure not to overdo it. Runner’s World says, “Overexposure to UV radiation can suppress your skin’s ability to properly protect itself and heal.”

3. Bring enough water

Not planning for your water needs can lead to serious dehydration — including nausea, lightheadedness and dizziness. When you are sweating, your body needs to have those fluids replenished. Runners can buy water bottle waist packs to carry their water bottles and not have them bouncing up and down on their backs.

4. Run with a partner or group

Running in larger numbers can make it easier for cars and bikers to see you. suggests that running with a partner can also increase your focus and keep you from becoming distracted by the pain. If you are on a small trail, sidewalk, path or road, you should run single file or leave enough room for the people passing. Taking up the whole path is not polite.

5. Remember sidewalk and trail etiquette

If you are on the sidewalk, run on the right side. When you need to pass someone, pass on the left; saying “on your left,” Captain America style, is optional, but is considered rude if running in a loop and passing the same person multiple times. If someone is passing you, move in the opposite direction.

6. Greet other runners

According to, motorcyclists always acknowledge their kind in passing. “Are we really going to let the Hell’s Angels gain a reputation for being friendlier than us?” they said. Runners can nod, wave, give a high five or thumbs up or just smile as they pass each other on the trails.

7. Have fun

Enjoy yourself — own that summer run! Keep these tips in mind to maximize summer fun while whipping yourself into shape.

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