Cheese-making demonstration at Kitchen Kneads in Ogden. (Chris Nichols / The Signpost)

A fair percentage of college students define “cooking” as finding new ways to prepare Ramen. A food store near Weber State wants to help students learn the art of cuisine.

Kitchen Kneads, located in Ogden, is a locally-owned cooking supply store where novices and professionals can gather ingredients and equipment while learning how to prepare different dishes.

“It’s a great place to come for bulk foods, candies, chocolates, kitchen gadgets,” Jessica Crane, office assistant at Kitchen Kneads, said. “We also do weekly classes where we get guest teachers in to teach [how to cook] different foods.”

On Sept. 10, Kitchen Kneads hosted a class where the public was invited to come and learn how to make mozzarella cheese from scratch. There were 12 people in attendance at the cheese-making demonstration.

“Usually [the classes] are on Wednesdays, and most are free,” said Crane.

Cheese-making class attendee Trudy Pehrson said, “I love everything they have at [Kitchen Kneads]. Their stuff is fresh and wholesome.”

While they offer classes to the public, Crane said students are encouraged to come and learn about cooking. She said, “We love to take good care of [students]. Kitchen Kneads has a good environment, and it has a different atmosphere than your normal food stores.”

Upcoming classes that students can attend for free include creating garden recipes and how to make flat breads, crackers and tortillas.

The weekly classes are open to the public, but anyone can come in while the store is open to get some culinary guidance.

Crane said, “We bake bread almost daily, and the gals who make it are happy to give tips at any time.”

Kitchen Kneads has been in the Ogden area for over 40 years. In 1973, Bruce and Carla Crane founded Magic Mill out of their house where people could purchase staple foods.

They soon relocated to a store in Riverdale, where they would establish a strong clientele.

After outgrowing that — and several after — the Magic Mill became Kitchen Kneads and moved to its current location in Ogden.

The Kitchen Kneads website states that “Today, they have grown to include much of their family within the business, still providing their knowledge, free cooking and home storage classes and their quality products.”

Students don’t have to suffer through college by eating sub-par meals. “We’ve got awesome food, and anyone can come in and learn how to cook,” Crane said. “It’s a great place to work, too.”

Kitchen Kneads is located at 3030 Grant Ave. in Ogden. For more information about their products or weekly cooking classes, check their website.

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