It’s more than just a club. It’s a family.

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Delta Chi Nu sorority gets to know potential new members while speed dating Monday night during Rush Week. (Tara Carrasco / The Signpost)

Delta Chi Nu was founded in 2007. Zoe Mendoza Hall, vice president, says they are a philanthropy-based sorority, and they rely heavily on tradition. They take pride in the fact that every girl is different, but that they are able to unite and create a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime. Their goal is to be a group of women others can look up to and rely on. Their moto: “To promote wisdom, harmony and truth within the world and to develop friendships with our sisters.”

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Pi Theta Xi fraternity get to know potential members as they play games Monday night during Rush week. (Tara Carrasco / The Signpost)

Pi Theta Xi was founded in 2008. Sean Solomon, rush chair, says they are a social fraternity that promotes brotherhood and creates friendships. They like to bond in smaller, social settings. They also focus on leadership and being professional. They want to build resumes and help people achieve what they want to in life while having fun doing it. Their moto: “Undying devotion to achievement.”

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Tau Psi Beta sorority gets to know potential members during Monday night's Greek Crawl. (Tara Carrasco / The Signpost)

Tau Psi Beta was founded in 2013. Jasmine Gruber, vice president, says they are a social sorority. They like to be involved with other organizations and aspects of campus. Jasmine says they like to think of themselves as being opposite of what you’d think a sorority would be. They like to branch out from the arrow and they want you to be yourself. There is no mold. Their moto: A home away from home for young girls.

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Phi Gamma Lamnda play billiards with potential new members during Rush Week on Monday night. (Tara Carrasco / The Signpost)

Phi Gamma Lambda was founded in 2013. Nikolas Vaughan, vice president, says their ultimate goal is to build a brotherhood that will last through the years and not just here at college. They pride themselves on being loyal to one another. Their moto: A brotherhood growing in physical health, chivalry and loyalty. A common misconception is that they are the “sports” fraternity. You don’t have to play sports or live at the gym to be a member of this brotherhood.

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Psi Phi Psi fraternity gets to know potential new members while playing video games Monday night at Rush Week. (Tara Carrasco / The Signpost)

Psi Phi Psi was founded in 2014. Colton Bell, president, says they are a philanthropy-based fraternity and like to describe themselves as the Renaissance Men; they are the Jack of all Trades. They like searching for new thoughts and new ideas. Their moto is: As long as we are human, let us be humane. They often like to do 24-hour game-a-thon’s to raise money for local hospitals. A common misconception is that they are the “nerd” fraternity. Yes, they play video games, but who doesn’t? Their brotherhood is much more than that.

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The girls of Kappa Omega Eta pose for a photograph during Rush Week Monday night. (Tara Carrasco / The Signpost)

Kappa Omega Eta was founded in 2015. Gina Kim, president, says they are known as the adventurous sorority. They like to get out and try new things. They enjoy going to the educational talks on campus, so they are well informed, so they can inform others. They believe that through sisterhood, kindness and philanthropy, they can better themselves by helping in the community and helping others grow. Their moto: Lift ourselves up by lifting others.

Rush will continue throughout the week with Formal Night on Wednesday in the Shepard Union from 5:30 – 9:00 p.m. Thursday is Let Us Entertain You at 6 p.m. at Waldo’s Corner Pocket. Each sorority/fraternity hosts their own activity Friday night, so talk to any active member for more information. Saturday is Get Wet with the Greeks at University Village starting at 11:30 a.m.

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