The Harvest Moon Celebration will take place on Sept. 24 on Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden. (Source: Ogden Downtown Alliance)

As the sun sets on Sept. 24, the moon rises on the 15th annual Harvest Moon celebration on Historic 25th Street. The nearly-all-day event is dedicated to supporting local first.

“It’s a celebration of all things Ogden,” Kait Hazlehurst, activities coordinator for the Harvest Moon Festival, said.

The festival will feature local live music and over 20 children’s activities supported by Weber County RAMP. According to the Ogden Downtown Alliance, nearly 26,000 attended Harvest Moon last year, and even more attendees are expected this year.

“Harvest Moon is an incredible event where our community can come out and experience the unique activities provided that you don’t get in every other family festival,” Sara Toliver, Ogden Downtown Alliance board member, said.

In addition to focusing on local businesses and vendors, Harvest Moon also brings together community and family.

“It’s all based around arts activities for kids and music and bringing together the people of Ogden,” Hazlehurst said.

Hazlehurst said adults will come for beer, food and Ogden gear, but the festival will also bring kids together for fun.

“It’s for everyone, from kids to grandparents,” Hazlehurst said.

Entrance to the event is free, though wristbands for children’s activities are $3. The wristband gives access to activities such as art-and-craft projects and a climbing wall.

20130921Harvestmoon 9-21-13 (TonyPost)-14.jpg
Children play inside a bus at Ogden's Harvest Moon Celebration in 2013. (The Signpost Archives)

According to Hazlehurst, it is easy to get businesses on board for Harvest Moon since it has been an event in Ogden for 15 years.

“Luckily, many businesses are consistent every year,” Hazlehurst said.

While many businesses in Ogden set up consistently for Harvest Moon, Hazlehurst said that recruiting new ones does take some time.

“We definitely start recruiting months in advance,” said Hazlehurst.

New attractions at this years festival will include a vintage photo booth and an obstacle course set up by Dartside, a dart tag business based in Layton.

There will also be local artists performing at Harvest Moon. Acts such as The Johnny Utahs, Michelle Moonshine and the Mojave Nomads will make appearances.

“We love coming to Ogden whenever we get the chance,” Colter Hill, lead guitarist for Mojave Nomads, said.

Since Ogden doesn’t have many all-ages venues, the band doesn’t come to downtown Ogden often for shows.

“We’re all Ogden locals, so it’s nice to be able to play in our home town,” Hill said.

This will be the first year the band has played at Harvest Moon but said they will be prepared.

“We’re playing our new single at the show,” Hill said.

The bands new single will be released on Sept. 23, just a day before the festival.

Along with local entertainment, vendors serving food will be participating, representing local restaurants on Historic 25th Street, as well as designated beverage stations for guests 21 and older.

“It’s kind of one of the last big celebrations of summer,” Toliver said. “I just feel like it’s a true representation of what our community has to offer.”

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