Clinton or Trump? Republican or Democrat? Our bipartisan system is heavily publicized during this election, but a fresh political party is emerging: Rock ’n’ Roll.

A new candidate has hit the ground running with his campaign. Granddaddy of shock-rock Alice Cooper recently began advertising “Alice Cooper for President” with the slogan “A Troubled Man for Troubled Times.”

Alice_Cooper_2011 (1).jpg
Alice Cooper announces his campaign for President. (Source: Ross Halfin / Wikimedia Commons)

Seen with a top hat and chanting the phrase “Make America Sick Again,” Cooper has been dancing around on stage mocking the upcoming election’s “doomed fate.”

The 2016 election has brought a wide array of feelings to the voters of America, marked by the candidates’ images often presented by the media. While some choose to stay silent in their opinion, one group has been very vocal: musicians.

Cooper’s campaign is an example of how many musicians are reacting to the modern political state of the country.

“I don’t find either candidate to my liking, so I choose to stand out of this one,” said Marilyn Manson in an interview with Rolling Stone. “And I don’t think that’s a coward’s stance. A lot of people might say that. I just don’t really want to be a part of this piece of history. Last time, I did want to be involved in some piece of history as a voter.”

While some artists take a neutral or mocking stance on the election, some have been very vocal as to which candidate they are voting for.

Katy Perry has been seen at rallies for Hillary Clinton in support of the Democratic candidate. Hard rocker Ted Nugent has displayed his desire for Donald Trump to be President.

Some artists have used their careers to publicly display their hatred of one candidate or the other.

For this election, Trump used REM’s song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” without the band’s permission. Their response echoed their political feelings.

“You sad, attention-grabbing, power-hungry little man. Do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign,” REM’s singer Michael Stipe said.

While some dislike Trump for the persona he has created, some musicians embrace that attitude.

“I think Donald trump is evil like America is evil, and in order for America to keep up with itself, it needs him,” Azealia Banks, American rapper, tweeted.

Musicians are public figures and their opinions are highly publicized to the world. If one vocalizes his or her support of a particular candidate, that act could sway the minds of the fans of that musician.

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