Weber State University's Snowboarding Club compete in the Nordic Valley Rail Jam in Feb. 2016. (Source: Weber State Snowboard Club / Facebook)

Weber State University’s snowboarding club is a laid-back social experience — a competitive challenge and a unique opportunity to improve students’ skills.

WSU snowboarding is considered a spring semester sport, and the sign-up deadline is Dec. 5. Most members have season passes at Nordic Valley Resort, Snowbasin Resort or Powder Mountain Resort, but having a pass isn’t required to join.

Snowboarding is considered a competitive recreational club for all levels of experience. Members range from the beginner to expert.

“The club gave me the confidence to try harder stuff,” WSU Snowboarding Club President Austin Gum said.

Gum, a junior at Weber State, makes sure the club is student-run and that each member has a say.

“I want people to find other people with the same interests,” Gum said.

WSU participates in five competitions each year, with four snowboarding club members on competitive scholarships. This season, the competitive boarders will be Annie Glisendorf, Jordan Howe, James Hamilton and Aarron Babbitt.

You don’t have to be one of the four on scholarship to enter into a competition. If a member enters a competition for WSU, the club will pay for the ticket and entrance fee.

Last year’s Nordic Valley Rail Jam saw Annie Glisendorf win first in the Women’s Open. Jordan Howe and Caleb Balsman placed second and third in the Men’s Open, respectively.

Weber State University's Snowboarding Club compete in the Nordic Valley Rail Jam in Feb. 2016. (Source: Weber State Snowboard Club / Facebook)

WSU snowboarding isn’t just for snowboarders but for all action sport enthusiasts interested in finding a new hobby.

“As an action sport community, it’s better to come together and have fun,” Gum said. “The main goal of the club is for everyone to have fun.”

Newcomer skier Cameron Egan, WSU freshman, joined the club so that she could ride with boarders.

“I want to prove I can shred with the guys,” Egan said.

Snowboarding is a social club that competes in various events around the state, but the majority of its members join to improve their skills in the sport.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to get into park,” Gum said. “More experienced members are more than willing to give advice and help you get better.”

WSU snowboarding takes an annual six-day spring break trip to a resort outside the state. This is a major event of their season and is a big snowboarding opportunity.

Making connections with other boarders is major reason members join. The club has a private Facebook page for all members, which Gum uses as a private ride-share system for all its members.

There are benefits for joining WSU snowboarding, including 25 percent off apparel, shoes and snowboard equipment at Crossroads Skatepark and Shop, a Lucky Slice Pizza card and free club T-shirt.

In order to join, one can contact the campus recreation office, fill out a membership form and pay a small fee of $30 for students or $40 for non-students.

Follow the club on Instagram @wsusnowboarding or like their page on Facebook, wsusnowboarding, for more information.

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