Transform yourself into “serial killer” this Halloween for a cheap costume. (Source: Austin Kirk / flickr)

Halloween can be a rambunctious time of year. Yet, it can be difficult to party hard on a budget.

In the process of putting together a Halloween party, I discovered several tips and tricks on how to have a spooky, elaborate and cheap Halloween.

The first thing that people can be concerned about is how to make or buy decorations with just a little bit of money.

While several Halloween stores have a wide array of merchandise, a lot of it can seem over-priced. Some cheap materials can be purchased and made into decorations.

Some dollar stores carry Styrofoam pumpkins that can be carved, glued or placed anywhere to add color. Plastic jack-o-lanterns can be bought from stores like Walmart or Target for a dollar each. Sometimes, you can even get them for a quarter a piece.

Plastic bugs, rats or bats can also be bought in large quantities for under three dollars. These spread out can add a touch of variety to places such as a doorways or porches.

Bags of decorative spider web can be bought for two dollars at some stores and be used to make a wall or door appear to be swarmed by arachnids.

If decorating doesn’t seem to be your trick, maybe a sophisticated-looking costume for cheap could be your treat.

Many movie characters can be portrayed for under five dollars. The infamous scene from “American Psycho” where Christian Bale puts an axe in Jared Leto’s head can be made into a cheap costume. Portraying Bale’s character can be done with a clear rain poncho and red paint for blood.

Characters from slasher movies can also be made into costumes by just buying a mask. To make a costume for Michael Meyers from “Halloween” or Jason Voorhees from “Friday the 13th,” buying a mask from a store can be just $10. The rest of their outfits can be done by wearing a long-sleeve shirt or a jacket.

However, if you are into a costume that carries a good pun, you don’t need to spend more than a couple of dollars.

Getting several gray paint samples and taping them to your shirt can turn your costume into “50 Shades of Grey.” Attaching small cereal boxes to yourself and holding a fake knife can transform you into a “serial killer.”

You could even take a note from Jim of “The Office” and wear a sticker that says “My name is Dave” or write the word “book” on your face to become “Facebook.”

All in all, celebrating Halloween can be a rowdy time without having to spend more than an hour’s wages. Don’t let your wallet feel spooked.

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