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Maddi Johnston, of WSUSA Activities Team, ties fabric into fleece blankets for children at McKay-Dee hospital on Nov. 23. (Rachel Storm / The Signpost)

While most Weber State University students were relaxing and enjoying their Thanksgiving break, Maddi Johnston of the Activities Team was hard at work. Johnston organized this month’s WSU Care’s event on Wed. Nov. 23 where she and her team cut and tied 25 fleece blankets to hand-out later this week to children hospitalized in the McKay-Dee pediatric center.

The project was influenced by Johnston’s own childhood experiences. “We are all so lucky to have our health and to be able to attend college,” she said. “I’ve been the kid in the hospital during the holidays.” Johnston said. “I was hospitalized multiple times as a kid, and I’ve been given blankets, and I know how much it means.”

Johnston reflected on her own experience: “A lot of times, parents can’t be with their sick kid all day. It gets lonely for the kids, and a soft blanket is comforting. I just want to make them happy. I just want to bring a smile to their faces.”

Johnston faced a few challenges in organizing this project, hosting the event the day before Thanksgiving and, as a result, changing the time and venue.

Despite these last-minute changes, Johnston was pleased with the number of WSU students who showed up to lend a hand, even with the up-coming holiday. “I’m happy that people still came out to help,” Johnston said.

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Students and faculty tie fabric into fleece blankets for children at McKay-Dee hospital on Nov. 23. (Rachel Storm / The Signpost)

Andrea Salcedo, student senator for the College of Education, was one of the many students who attended. “I like to give back to the community, and I like crafts, so it was a perfect blending of two of my interests,” Salcedo said.

WSU student Joana Triguaros heard about the event through a few of her co-workers. This was her first time attending a WSU service project. “It feels good to do something for someone else,” Triguaros said. “I like helping people, so I thought it would be a good thing to do today, when I have so much to be thankful for.”

Johnston invites every WSU student to join in future WSUSA hosted events.

“Come on out. I know it’s scary, but we are all so friendly. We all want to make friends, and we’ll have a good time together. I promise you will have fun.”

For more information about future events, Johnston invites students to visit the SIL office in the Shepherd Union, room 326. She also recommends that students who would like more information
about upcoming events and follow the WSUSA Facebook page www.facebook.com/WeberStateSA.

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