Jessica Cairo, Weber State University Davis Campus Senator. (Rachel Storm / The Signpost)

Jessica Cairo works two jobs, including graveyard shifts, and attends Weber State University as a full-time student. This spring she was elected for her first term as the Davis Campus Student Senator. Despite her demanding schedule, she is excited for the spring semester.

Any student who is registered for one or more classes this semester at the Davis Campus falls under Cairo’s constituency. Cairo, who ran on the platform of being a voice for the smaller campus, said, “I want to hear what you have to say, get new ideas from you, know your questions and concerns, and be your voice in Weber State’s Student Senate.”

“I’ve been going to Davis Campus for about five years now — it’s an awesome campus with a lot of facilities,” Cairo said. “I ran for a Senate position because I think it’s important for Davis to have a voice, even though were a smaller campus.”

This semester, Cairo will be hosting several town hall meetings where students can talk face-to-face with the Davis Campus Student Leadership.

“Any input from a student, we take very seriously,” Cairo said. “This gives us a chance to address student concerns immediately, but we usually don’t have a big turn out to those, so I’m hoping to get the word out about them this semester.”

Cairo explained that student senators can take any complaints or concerns from WSU students to the faculty and staff members of WSU, who can make changes to policy and procedure. She invites any student who has questions, concerns or ideas to attend one of the town hall meetings or contact her and other senate members. WSU students can find their senator’s contact information at

Before being elected as a student senator, Cairo served three years on the Davis Programming Board, which plans activities and events for Davis Students. Cairo believes this experience will help her be more successful in her new position.

Cairo has ambitious plans for Davis Campus students this semester. “We’re going to have a full calendar of free events. We’re a really diverse campus. We have a lot more non-traditional students, so we have a lot of family-centered events as well as events for traditional students.”

Cairo emphasized the variety of events held on the Davis Campus, which students may not be aware of.

“I don’t think everyone knows how many different things we have going on at Davis Campus all the time, between the clubs and the events team there is a lot going on.”

Cairo is most excited for the color festival event. It’s the largest student event held on the Davis Campus.

“It’s a huge event. We will have food and dancers. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” Cairo said.

Students interested in more information about the Davis Campus events can find it at or at

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