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Jodie Hinds and Jace Greasham sing karaoke at Night to Shine, hosted by The Genesis Project in Spring 2016. The Genesis Project will host another Night to Shine on Feb. 10. (The Signpost Archives)

Non-denominational church The Genesis Project, along with hundreds of other congregations worldwide, will soon host the second annual “Night to Shine,” a prom event for people with special needs.

All attendees will be given the “Royal Treatment.” There will be a red carpet at the entrance, with the classic paparazzi and cheering crowd that comes with it. Hair and makeup stations will be waiting for all the guests once they arrive, along with complimentary corsages and boutonnieres. Karaoke machines will also be available.

“Night to Shine” will not only be a local event, but a global one. A total of 350 host churches across nine different countries will be participating in this year’s prom.

The event is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, and staff and volunteers will be given a full agenda for the night. As stated on the Tim Tebow Foundation Website, “a detailed instruction manual, a prom kit complete with decorations and gifts for the guests, and individualized staff guidance,” will be included for the volunteers so they may enjoy a night of uninterrupted fun.

Guests will be coming from Davis county, the Ogden area, and even Logan to attend this prom. Several of the guests that will be headed to the dance belong to organizations such as Roads to Independence, Enable Utah, and Wide Horizon.

The most significant moment of the night will be when each guest is crowned king or queen, allowing every person their moment to shine.

As Kathi Engleby, associate of The Genesis Project, stated, “This night is dedicated to making our guests feel special, like kings and queens and to remind people that God’s love is for everyone.”

The Genesis Project is seeking volunteers for “Night to Shine.” Volunteers may be as young as 15, but must have a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach or community leader. “Night to Shine” prom will take place on Feb. 10 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Hub 801 Events Center on Riverdale Road.

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