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Brian Choi, left, sings karaoke with a friend at Waldo's Corner Pocket on Mar. 1. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

The Weber State University activities team hosted a karaoke Jam Night on March 1 at Waldo’s Corner Pocket in the Shepherd Union to encourage students to participate on campus for Weber’s Happening Series.

Jam Night is held at the beginning of each month on a Wednesday from 3–5 p.m. as part of Weber’s Happening Series.

Brian Choi, co-host and special events co-chair for the activities team introduced himself and encouraged students to participate and socialize. Over 40 students attended Jam Night, and over 21 students participated in karaoke.

Choi kicked off the event with “Sugar” from Maroon 5. The student who participated after Choi received a T-shirt donated by the Wildcat Store, and the first ten students at the event received a coupon from Waldo’s Corner Pocket for a free pretzel. Other students were encouraged to try the food from Waldo’s Corner Pocket.

According to Choi, the purpose of the event was to encourage student involvement.

“I wanted to have a comfortable environment for people to sing — we sing in our cars, in the shower — why not make a karaoke night and sing with friends?” Choi said.

The event was hosted at Waldo’s Corner Pocket because it is a familiar place for students to hang out, and the purpose was to expose more students to the food that Waldo’s Corner Pocket offers, as Choi explained.

“We want everyone to come and relax — we have tried to find ways to keep making the event better and get students involved, and this is something that captures the students’ attention,” said Chikere Chibuike-Njoku, host of Jam Night and member of the activities team.

3-1 Karoke - Open Mic (Emily Crooks) (3 of 6).jpg
WSU students sing karaoke at Waldo's Corner Pocket on Mar. 1. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

Choi explained that the difference between this year and previous years was how the event was advertised: a focus on social media, word of mouth and incentives for example prizes.

“Person-to-person interaction and motivating students to come to the event with friends is the main way we advertised,” said Chibuike-Njoku.

According to Chibuike-Njoku, when there are events like Jam Night, Choi and Chibuike-Njoku go first to motivate students to participate.

Both Chibuike-Njoku and Choi are involved in Greek life and encouraged members of sororities and fraternities to attend Jam Night. The activities team collaborated with Waldo’s Corner Pocket and the KWCR radio station, who helped set up the karaoke equipment.

“Next month, Jam Night will be open mic where people can announce their literature, poetry, stand-up comedy and songs,” said Choi.

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