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An array of traditional foods from 15 different countries was served at the International Banquet last year. Senate discusses concerns with the upcoming International Banquet, like whether students making or serving food have food handler's permits. (The Signpost Archives)

The Weber State University Student Association Senate met on March 13 and discussed past problems with an upcoming event.

Senator Oluwaseun Emmanuel Ojomo, International Student Senator, proposed a funding request to help put on the annual International Banquet, an event hosted by the WSU International Student Club to showcase the diverse cultures on campus.

After discussing the funds requested, several senators raised concerns that had arisen in the event’s previous years.

One issue that was raised concerned the food that is provided by multicultural students and if those making the food have food handler’s permits. Senators expressed worry that in the event’s previous years, any student could make food in the Shepherd Union kitchen and present it for the banquet.

Another apprehension addressed was the multicultural dances that are performed during the banquet.

Some senators conveyed that in previous years, some students had performed dances that could be considered provocative and inappropriate to those attending.

This feeling of uneasiness led the Senate to discuss what plans could be made to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere is felt. Senator Ojomo said that he would make sure that those with food obtain permits and that types of dances will be outlined.

The Senate motioned to fulfill the funding request and the motion passed unanimously.

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