Harley & Buck's, one local restaurant offering a special menu for Ogden's Restaurant Week starting April 6. (The Signpost Archives)

Ogden is primed and hungry for next week’s fifth annual Ogden Restaurant Week, hosted by US Foods. The event is held from April 6–15 and presents local fine dining options to the community.

The 10-day event will include participation from 25 local and independently-owned restaurants located in downtown Ogden. Each restaurant will offer a unique menu that will give diners a choice between a $10 two-course lunch or a $17 three-course dinner.

The event fuses Ogden’s diverse culinary experiences together, including pubs, fine dining, family restaurants and quick eats. The Hearth on 25th, Slackwater Pizzeria & Pub, Sonora Grill and the Lighthouse Lounge are a but few of the restaurants featured this event.

“This event brings the community together to celebrate different types of food that reflect our diverse community. Ogden wants to personally welcome everyone to experience everything Ogden Restaurant Week has to offer,” said Alex Montanez, owner of Rovali’s Ristorante Italiano.

According to Sydnie Furton, manager of marketing and public relations for Visit Ogden, the event started with “restaurant owners who came together looking for a way to drive more customers from chain restaurants to local ones.”

Furton said the event focuses primarily on value on the dollar in order to encourage people who might rarely eat out to try a different dining experience.

Shana Hubbard, the owner of Hearth on 25th, said making this event inexpensive is critical to its success. The menus include entrees, appetizers and desserts, which will be offered at a lower price to make it more accessible to attendees.

“We encourage our people to try something new by offering a multiple-course, fixed-price menu. Our guests can experience a two-, three- or six-course dinner at an incredibly low price,” Hubbard said.

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