Quincy Hyde

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When Quincy isn't studying communications and photography, she enjoys playing pickleball. (Abby Van Ess / The Signpost)

Quincy is a junior at Weber State studying communications with an emphasis in public relations and advertising with a photography minor. With an outgoing, bubbly personality, it’s no surprise that Quincy loves people, and she shared how she got there:

“I’ve always been interested in people and the way we interact. I never knew what I wanted to do. I didn’t know much about careers based on people skills. But I’ve always been natural around people, and I’d do random jobs for people. My uncle did real estate, and once in a while, he’d ask me to go and show a few houses for people. He said people would tell him how much they loved my personality. Eventually, I found out about a communication degree from a co-worker, and once I started taking the classes for it, I was shocked. Everyone had told me how boring those classes were, but I fell in love with them. I’m very interested in my communications theory class because it’s everything I’ve been fascinated with about people. Communication is such an important thing; the way we operate as people is so much bigger than just a subject or a degree in school. It extends to every aspect of our lives. For example, in relationships, issues tend to happen because of bad communication; you’re not communicating with a purpose.”

Once she graduates, Quincy hopes to work in advertising on the strategic side: She wants to focus on understanding the way people think, work and what they want.

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