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(Source: Tribune News Service)

Three cities within the state of Utah are among the top 15 most stressed cities in America: Provo (2nd), Ogden (8th) and Salt Lake City (15th), according to Herb Scribner of the Deseret News.

The main factors in this study included, “Financial insecurity, health problems, strenuous work hours and long commute times,” Scribner said.

Some believe the reason may be due to the many colleges in and around these areas.

“Like the majority of metro areas with large shares of residents reporting stress, Provo-Orem is home to a large share of college and graduate students, who often report higher levels of stress than other Americans,” said Scribner.

Students at Weber State University say they feel the same way and that this statistic does not surprise them, especially with graduation just around the corner, April 28th.

“Being a student-athlete itself is stressful because it forces you to have good time-management skills. A big part of that is prioritizing your tasks,” said Cameron Livingston, a student-athlete at WSU. “Graduation adds to the stress because you have a bunch of people asking you a million questions about your graduation and what the next step is for you, consistently,” said Livingston.

Richaud Gittens of WSU’s men’s basketball team commented on his constant battle coping with stress.

“Between weights in the morning, practices, meetings and workouts, it can be extremely stressful to find time to do all of your homework, and study for tests because after a long day all you want to do is sleep,” said Gittens.

With graduation rapidly approaching, the anxiety of simply finishing a degree and being able to enjoy a break for a few weeks is ubiquitous across the student body at Weber State University.

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