1. World leaders gathered at this meeting in Hamburg, Germany last week:

a) Group of Seven

b) Group of 12

c) Group of 20

2. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes President Donald Trump took what stance towards the denial of Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election?

a) He agreed

b) He disagreed

c) His opinion was mixed

3. Following a disastrous election, this British politician promised to re-launch their mission to deliver Brexit:

a) Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson

b) European Parliament member Nigel Farage

c) British Prime Minister Theresa May

4. The United States and what other country declared a cease-fire in Syria on Friday?

a) Syria

b) Russia

c) Iraq

5. As of July 7, how many states have agreed to share sensitive voter information with President Trump’s new voter fraud commission?

a) 12

b) 29

c) 37

6. The migrant crisis could soon overwhelm which Mediterranean country?

a) Greece

b) Spain

c) Italy

1. c) World leaders met at the Group of 20 summit last week, but the isolationist goals of the United States weren’t in agreement with the other 19 members, according to Bloomberg News. They made their recognition clear that President Trump was going his own way, especially with his concerns about excess steel capacity, trade practices and climate change.

“I always said that this wouldn’t be easy and that we shouldn’t hide areas of discord,” said summit host and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “The communique has to reflect those areas where there is no consensus.”

2. a) Putin and Trump met for more than two hours at the Group of 20 summit, where they raised the issue of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. According to Bloomberg News, Russian president denied any interference from his country, and the United States leader agreed, a position that puts him at odds with multiple intelligence agencies.

3. c) Following her election results last month, a senior government official said British Prime Minister Theresa May plans to re-launch her delivery of Brexit and help the working class. According to Bloomberg News, her political team is convinced she must be replaced in time after she lost the government’s majority in the last election.

4. b) As President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin met at the Group of 20 summit, it was announced that U.S. and Russian military forces had declared a cease-fire in a corner of Syria, according to The Los Angeles Times. Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov told reporters that Russian police would be deployed to southern Syria to monitor the provisions of the cease-fire.

5. b) As of July 7, 29 states have agreed to share part of the sensitive voter information requested by President Trump’s new voter fraud commission, according to McClatchy Washington Bureau. So far, 16 states have rejected the request, and five states have yet to respond.

6. c) According to the Los Angeles Times, the migrant crisis could soon overwhelm Italy, as more than 85,000 people have been fleeing violence and poverty. Most of the migrants are coming from sub-Saharan Africa, according to UNHCR. Of the 85,0000 people attempting to reach new lands, at least 2,150 people have died trying. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said that Italy is doing its best to help those seeking protection and asylum, but that this should not solely be an Italian problem. “It is, first and foremost, a matter of international concern,” he said.

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