Students starting the school year have several things in their lives to balance, such as school, work and a social life. During the first week of the semester, students can become active participants on Weber State University’s campus to help achieve that balance.

While attempting to have a successful college experience, students can use an aspect of WSU’s classes and relationships with teachers to create a better learning environment.

“Incoming students should make an effort to introduce themselves to their professors,” said Parker Hughes, legislature vice president of Weber State University Student Association. “Weber is known for its small class sizes, meaning that developing a rapport with faculty is easier to do. Having these good relations is essential to being a strong candidate for a future career or graduate program.”

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Landon Bickley, Leadership Vice President, laughs in a group exercise involving complimenting the person next to him in the WSUSA meeting on Oct. 5. (Signpost Archives)

Most professors and teachers will let students know what times they are available out of class to discuss curriculum or other scholarly topics. This is helpful to students who may need more direction in subjects they find particularly difficult.

Not only can professors be knowledgeable sources on class materials, but they also have the ability to help a student access specific resources available at WSU that can help the student grow in different ways. This can include academic advising, reducing stress or finding opportunities to make friends.

“Find your adviser, find the stress center, know where the library is and where you can find a tutor,” said WSUSA President Lola Moli. “Use everything that Weber State has to offer to help you be successful.”

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Wildcats shake off the stress of the end of the semester while enjoying themselves at the 90’s Kid Dance that took place at the Dee Events Center on Friday night. (Signpost Archives)

Weber State’s advising, stress center and tutoring programs are free to students. The students need only go to the specific places where those programs are housed, and the programs will help them out.

When it comes to finding chances to socialize, WSU’s first week is vital for different groups on campus to do so.

“The first week is prime recruiting time for many different clubs and student life organizations,” Hughes said. “Students should seek out a group or two that matches their interests. These serve as great outlets for making new friends and getting involved with the campus.”

Other students may feel at a loss on how to manage the academic side to college. With a more intense curriculum and higher expectations for time, several classes can be intimidating.

“Show up to class and take good notes, so you don’t have to cram it all in before tests,” said student Dax Burgon. “You should also study and do homework for material learned in math classes on the same day as the lecture. Math algorithms and problem solving retains in memory better when it’s practiced on the same day as the lecture.”

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Weber State University marching band and Spirit Squad perform at the anual Block Party on Friday, September 2. (Signpost Archives)

New students may discover that there are other locations on campus free for student use, such as the Swenson gym and pool, Shepherd Union facilities and the Health Center, located in the Student Services Center.

Overall, college can be somewhat of a daunting experience at first, but Moli wants new students to know that help is always available.

“Don’t be scared to ask for help because there are plenty of resources,” Moli said. “It may seem bothersome to ask for help or maybe even embarrassing, but in all my four years of going to Weber State, I have come to find that there are always kind people willing to help.”

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2017-18 Student Body President candidate David Gibbons poses with a sign which reads “Hate Weber parking!?” in WSU’s Shepherd Union atrium on March 13 during executive election week. (Signpost Archives)
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