In keeping with Apple’s yearly September tradition, brand enthusiasts are in for a treat in the coming weeks. Its newest smartphone, unofficially named the iPhone 8, should be revealed on September 12 and several fans of the product eagerly await official confirmation of what is rumored about the device.

Based on leaks, it appears the newest smartphone from Apple will come with wireless charging, OLED screens, dual lens cameras, curved glass and a hefty dose of sticker shock.

(iphonedigital / Flickr)

According to these leaks, Apple’s usual practice of releasing multiple storage options and varying prices will continue. The iPhone 8’s smallest option will store up to 64 GB of data for $999, the mid-level option will store up to 256 GB for $1099 and the top-tier option will be 512 GB for $1199.

Joe Badder, an iPhone owner, was displeased with the pricing model.

“That is pricey and it’s stupid they would do that,” said Badder. “I definitely can’t afford that.”

Whether this price point will be a success or failure from Apple remains to be seen. As for now, enthusiasts and skeptics alike will have to wait for the company’s yearly special event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, CA on September 12.

Apple employees greet the early shoppers in line for the new iPhone 4S at Northlake Mall, Friday, October 14, 2011, in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Todd Sumlin/Charlotte Observer/MCT)
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