On Sept. 19, a small but intimate crowd gathered at WSU’s Wildcat Theatre to indulge in Westminster College’s portrayal of “ION,” written by Euripides and translated by David Lan. The musical, drama-comedy promised guests 90 minutes of infidelity, betrayal and a chase to the death.

After a tryst with the Greek God Apollo, Cerusa, Daughter of Erechtheus, conceives a child. Fearful of her father’s wrath, Cerusa abandoned her newborn child in a cave after secretly giving birth.

The play, which is set some years later, follows the life of the child who was once thought to have been devoured by beasts. The play focuses on the child as he is reunited with his mother Creusa, following a series of unfortunate events.

“My favorite part was when the mom and son were reunited and it was kind of a happy moment,” said WSU, freshman, Dawn Smith, who enjoyed her first time at a play.

Another attendee Dr. Rosemary Conover, professor of anthropology at WSU, gave her feedback of the performance.

“I thought it was a great production; entertaining and a blend of humor with tragedy.”

For those of you who missed this showcase of the play at WSU, there are two more shows left. Tickets can be reserved at

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