Weber State University President Chuck Wight spent time with students, faculty and alumni at Idaho State University during his campus interview on March 5 and 6.

Wight is the third of five finalists to participate in administrative efforts on campus. Those activities included forums with students and faculty on both the Pocatello and Idaho Falls campuses on March 5. The campus interviews concluded on March 6 with a final forum at ISU’s Meridian campus.

ISU invited students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members to provide their feedback on each candidate online through an anonymous form.

After announcing on Jan. 18 that he would be leaving WSU in June, Wight told The Signpost he is a presidential candidate at three universities, although Idaho State is the only university that has publicly named him as a top candidate.

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President Chuck Wight addressed student questions concerning his time at Weber State University. Photo credit: Chris Nichols

During the student forum, Wight was asked about a number of topics, such as how he would help ISU improve their relationship with the city of Pocatello and how we would promote communication among the faculty senate, students and the president’s office.

Wight told students that the best way to predict future success is to look at previous accomplishments. Some of the successes he named were the College Town Charter between WSU and Ogden, as well as his open level of communication with students and faculty.

“I only serve as the president for the sake of students,” Wight said.

Additionally, he mentioned that, if selected as the next president, he would ensure that students are placed at the top of the “totem pole.”

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President Chuck Wight addressed students at Idaho State University about his time at Weber State University. Photo credit: Chris Nichols

Idaho State University student-body president Jessica Sargent was selected as one of two students who are on the presidential search committee.

“I look for the candidates that speak about students and focus on student-centered institutions and implementing that at ISU,” Sargent said.

Wight said he enjoyed getting a chance to interact with the student population and answer their questions. He said the most exciting piece of his time spent at ISU over his two-day campus interview was simply meeting people and getting to hear from students about what they want in their next president.

Once all five candidates complete their campus interviews, the Idaho State Board of Education will conduct interviews and make the final selection. The next president will assume the position in the summer of 2018.

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