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Weston Lee's name was not on the election ballot during the morning of March 13.

Early on March 13, Weber State University Student Association elections opened. However, Diversity and Unity Vice President candidate Weston Lee was left off the voting ballot and some students were unable to vote at all.

“It was to my great surprise to discover early this morning that my name was not on the ballot,” Lee said. “I had received many messages between 12 to 9 a.m. from interested voters, fellow candidates and friends concerned that I had dropped out of the race.”

Assistant to the Activities Vice President Malack Mouhammad said the most WSUSA was able to do was to give anyone who took the quiz before 8 a.m. a second attempt.

“My name was added to the ballot about 8.5 hours after voting opened, but unfortunately anyone who accessed the ballot initially between those hours won’t see my name when resuming the online form,” Lee said. “The election committee has said that approximately 80 votes were cast between that period.”

Some students also found they were unable to access the voting pages. Mouhammad said students can email studentaffairs@weber.edu so they can be manually added to the page.

The reason for Lee’s name being left off the ballot and students being unable to access the voting pages is still unknown.

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