“The Crossroads Project: Rising Tides” opened the ninth annual Intermountain Sustainability Summit on February 28. Utah State University physicist Robert Davies and the Fry Street Quartet took attendees on a four part 75-minute journey through nature, mankind and a potential future.

The Crossroads Project combines music, art and science to create a performance that addresses the need for global sustainability and how to start taking action. The overall theme was change requires action. Community members are encouraged to get out, make the change, pick something, make it theirs and talk about it.

“I really enjoyed that they used artwork and music while talking about climate change to try and get the issue to resonate with the audience,” Michael Carte, Ogden resident, said. “I just wished that they would have provided more information regarding the issue that most people don’t already know.”

Davies narrated with images of original artwork and photography projected behind him and the Fry Street Quartet supporting the storyline. After the performance, there was a small discussion with the performers and the audience regarding sustainability.

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