For Weber State University students, finding a parking spot can be as imperative as a crucial midterm exam, and for students like Matt Price, arriving early enough to stake out a spot is vital.

“Parking is usually full by 8:30, so if you have a class after that, you’re sort of screwed,” Price said. “You either have to park far away or wait an hour until someone gets out of class.”

To combat this stress, students can utilize the various ways parking is handled on campus.

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For instance, individuals with appropriate passes are allowed to park in designated areas. W permits are used solely for the lots surrounding buildings such as the union and classroom halls.

On the other hand, RW passes can be utilized for housing and the aforementioned building lots, but are only available to students living on campus. Campus residents have the option to purchase a parking pass, which enables them to park in housing lots at all times.

This has been beneficial for WSU junior Marissa Wolford, who lives in the residence halls.

“I just drive from one residence hall to the other and park there if there is no ‘W’ parking,” Wolford said.

Parking Services manager Crystal Taylor said grad students and seniors with more than 90 credits completed by July 1 will have the luxury of entering the senior lottery. They will be able to log onto their eWeber portal and select their top three permit choices from the A permits available.

Taylor also said students who register and pay for their permit by Aug. 21 will be entered into a drawing for an iPad.

Another service available to students is a shuttle bus, which provides transportation from the Dee Events Center to various spots on campus. The shuttle runs from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. during weekdays throughout the spring and fall semesters.

Larissa Jiron, a senior at Weber State, said she believes this service is used effectively.

“I think (it is utilized) because there are a decent amount of cars at the Dee during busy times,” Jiron said.

WSU junior Kallie Pead thinks more students would benefit from becoming aware of the shuttle service provided.

“I didn’t know we had a shuttle until my third semester at Weber,” Pead said. “When I found that out, it made my life a bit easier because now I don’t have to worry about parking so much.”

However, Pead would also appreciate additional parking being added to campus.

“I think parking at Weber sometimes makes it harder for students to want to go to class because they have to park at (Dee Events Center), then shuttle over,” Pead said. “The shuttles fill up fast, especially if you have a morning class. If they could add parking on campus, that would be one way to help.”

On several occasions, Price has heard of individuals nearly getting in parking lot accidents due to impatience.

“You’re not careful when trying to find a parking spot,” Price said. “You are just trying to park and get out.”

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Parking sign of the A, RW and W passes for Weber State parking on the road (Sara Parker / The Signpost)

Wolford recalled a prior situation in which one car was booted from a resident lot. The individual had seven outstanding tickets and failed to pay a single one, costing nearly $200 in addition to the vehicle being removed.

Wolford added she believes an unfair amount of pressure is placed on the Parking Services department at times.

“I hear people complain about it. They say there is not enough parking, or complain it is 16 dollars for a parking ticket,” Wolford said. “First off, parking people don’t make the ticket prices. Those are pre-determined by the school. If you go to any college campus, parking is a mess.”

Wolford offered a word of advice to incoming Weber State students.

“Depending on what classes you have, get a Dee Events Center pass and just shuttle in,” Wolford said. “If you are a resident, I would say get an R pass and just park at the dorms.”

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