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Weber State University and Ogden City are putting on an event in the hopes of establishing civility in the community.

The Civility Quest is designed to utilize the theme of civility to positively impact the behaviors of participants through Civility Quest Cards, according to a press release on WSU’s website. Each card presents a challenge designed to encourage the participant to get involved with the people, animals and environment around them.

Center for Community Engaged Learning program coordinator Teresa Martinez is optimistic this will create a solid foundation.

“I hope this challenge impacts behavior on a larger scale and our communities understand that we thrive together when we practice civility regardless of similarities or differences,” Martinez said.

The kickoff takes place on April 6 at 11:30 a.m. at the Stewart Bell Tower on WSU’s main campus. There, CCEL will pass out civility cards, beginning the quest.

The cards list simple tasks, from smiling at five strangers in 24 hours, going a full day without complaining and having an hour-long conversation not involving technology.

Afterward, the card must be shared with another individual. The sharing process includes giving it to a friend, stranger, leaving it in a public place or sharing in a random location.

“We’re really looking forward to the Civility Quest. We hope it helps start a dialogue on what civility is and ways we can better engage with those around us,” said Ogden Downtown Alliance director Kim Bowsher. “It’s awesome Weber State is asking us, as community members, to participate.”

According to the press release, cards can be collected by completing at least one of four tasks. These include attending the kickoff or Art Stroll, downloading the digital Civility Quest cards, following the @WSUCCEL handle on either Facebook or Instagram or visiting participating businesses.

There will be additional challenges taking place throughout the week. These include visiting local businesses and nonprofits, picking up garbage and planting flowers at home or in a community garden.

“I hope that the Civility Quest pushes people to move outside their comfort zones by connecting in meaningful ways with people who they do not know,” said Adrienne Andrews, WSU’s chief diversity officer. “Like exercise, once the habit to connect and show respect and kindness is developed, it will continue to grow.”

The quest lasts from April 6 to 12. On April 12, the Civility Quest Week will culminate at the Ogden City Amphitheater. The event will celebrate the milestones of Civility Quest and will be open to the public. There will be games, music and vendors all tied to the theme of civility in Ogden.

Finishing the tasks on the cards between April 6 and 12 and sharing the experience on social media successfully complete the challenge. This can be done by using the #CivilityIs hashtag along with the card number completed. The experience can either be submitted in English or Spanish.

“I hope this will inspire students to ask questions, get to know things that are unfamiliar to them, enjoy interacting with others, discover new and exciting places and find ways for not only themselves but others to use civility as a way to prosper in their communities,” Martinez said.

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