Graduation, a day that every college student looks forward to with anticipation and apprehension, is only the beginning of a long path of opportunities.

Life outside of college classes and homework is often filled with more responsibility, more time commitment and endless opportunities. Although, transitioning from a full-time college student to a full-time employee can be a impact that many underestimate.

Amber Robson, associate director of alumni relations at Weber State, explained the change as a transition of learning.

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“Once you get into the workplace, the culture is different,” Robson said. “There is altogether a higher level of professionalism.”

Students who are accustomed to working independently and apart from their peers can experience a form of culture shock once they graduate and begin working.

“You are working with a group of people, you all have different sets of skills and you all have to work together to accomplish one goal,” Robson said.

Robson continued to explained teamwork is only possible when employees learn how to work well together and understand their colleagues.

“The ones that transition the best after graduation are those that seem to be involved,” Robson said.

Whether it’s after school activities, fundraisers in the Union building, community service projects or even attending the school’s football games, finding a way to meet new people and socialize will help with opportunities after graduation.

This type of involvement and synergy can be learned prior to entering the workforce. Being involved with different groups and organizations, especially during college, offers more than just scholarship money. Robson encouraged students to search out opportunities to be involved and find an activity they enjoy doing.

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“I think that that interaction with your fellow college students and your friends and peers also opens doors for you,” Robson said. “When you start to increase that circle of influence, the doors just open, and you have people that can speak to how good you are.”

Weber State has many opportunities for students to get involved with the university and the community. By putting themselves out there, students are able to prepare for challenges and different situations that lie ahead after graduation.

Weber State alumni Brynn Mortensen said that not only her degree, but the experience that was available during her the course of her education, led her straight to the job she currently has.

“I think it was my degree that helped me get the internships, and experience that ultimately got me the job,” Mortensen said.

Corbin Wessman, another Weber State alumnus, said that throughout his years at WSU, he was involved with multiple groups and activities that gave him experience, including being vice-president of activites. “It’s a great talking point in interviews, people love to hear that I was involved that high up with student government,” Wessman said.

Gaining experience as a college student makes the transition from school to work easier, as well as teaches valuable life lessons and skills.

“Going to college taught me how to work hard, find answers and critically think,” Mortensen said. “It’s the skills that I learned rather than the actual content that helped me the most.”

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