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Andrew Gorges taking the puck from a Utes player.

On Jan. 11, Utah residents gathered inside the Ice Sheet to watch an in-state hockey matchup between Weber State University face-off the University of Utah. The Wildcats gave the Utes all they could handle, but Utah escaped with a 4–3 win in overtime.

As soon as the puck hit the ice, the intensity ensued. Utah struck first, scoring two goals in the first 17 minutes for a 2–0 lead. With the home crowd trying to get the Wildcats back in the contest, WSU answered back with a score off the stick of center Brian Martinez to ice the deficit in half.

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Referees breaking up a potential fight between WSU and Utes player.

The energy from the first period carried over into period number two as the physicality intensified. The second period saw a spike of emotion between the two teams as the hits came fast and brutal. Multiple players were sent to their respective penalty benches to avoid further altercations.

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Weber State Hockey players wacthing their teammates from the sidelines.

One of the Utes needed attention from the trainer, as a devastating hit from a Weber player left him lying on the ice. Minutes later, two WSU players collided into each other, leaving one of the ‘Cats crawling towards the bench.

As the horn sounded at the end of the second period, the Wildcats piled into the locker to strategize how they would overcome their 2-1 deficit.

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WSU players celebrate after scoring another goal.

The start of third period saw new energy for the Wildcats. WSU defenseman Ken Gorges tied the game with 15 minutes remaining. Less than a minute later, forward Kevin Meza delivered a go-ahead goal that sent the arena into a frenzy.

The ‘Cats seemed to have all the momentum as the crowd roared with pride during the offensive onslaught Weber was delivering.

WSU Hockey 1-11 (2 of 15).jpg
Weber State Hockey players wacthing their teammates from the sidelines.

It was shortlived as not even two minutes later, Utah stunned the Weber crowd with a game-tying goal of their own.

After a headshot by Utah, players had to be separated as the offender was ejected from the game amidst a hail of jeers and boos from the crowd. For the remainder of the third period, defense was the name of the game as both goalies kept the other team scoreless for the remainder of regulation.

As overtime began, the energy in the crowd was charged. The crowd was ready to see WSU complete the comeback.

With 26 seconds left in overtime, Utah scored a clutch goal that all but secured the win for the Utes.

The final buzzer sounded and the score was 4-3 in favor of the Utes. The ‘Cats fell to 16-19 on the season.

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