The Racial Equity and Social Justice 21-Day Challenge, spearheaded by Weber State’s Diversity Department, is open to anyone who would like to participate with respect and share their opinions on socially-relevant topics. The challenge began July 6 and ends on July 27.

Tia Nero, the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coordinator for the Diversity Department, has been heavily involved in creating a safe and open-to-all atmosphere for the WSU community and an opportunity to bring together different individuals with unique beliefs, points of view and general questions.

“I know that there are a lot of students who are tired of the buzzwords,” Nero said. “I think that if you want to find out why, why are people saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ rather than ‘All Lives Matter,’ why are people trying to get rid of The Washington Redskins’ name, as an educational institution it is important to find out the facts from both sides.”

The YWCA Chapter of Utah and Weber State University have come together to offer an informative challenge, to get opinions and perspectives out there as well as provide a place for individuals to express their thoughts on these topics.

“We have had 100 participants sign up,” Nero said. “And more people signing up every day, the numbers keep going up.”

Each day, there are three options for racial equity and social justice learning opportunities. There’s a five-minute option for those who are interested, yet short on time; a 10- to 15-minute option for those who want to delve deeper and a 30- to 40-minute plus option, which could be watching a video or listening to a podcast.

WSU is signed up for the daily challenges and announcements to show up in Wildcat email inboxes. The topics will also be available after the event’s end.

“From my personal knowledge, it takes 21 days for someone to train their minds,” Nero said. “And that’s why, I believe, YWCA set up this as a 21-day challenge, rather than having a four-day long challenge.”

These challenges provide a safe place to discuss what people may not want to discuss in a less organized manner.

“There is a space for everyone,” Nero said. “So with the 21-Day Challenge, experiencing that kind of exclusion, then being able to be a part of this type of inclusive process, is something that I can’t give up.”

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