Background noise hinders learning for children

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Without even thinking, most people will turn on music, TV or talk-radio to fill the silence when they’re at home. According to new research however, this background noise may be […]

Science Weekly: How the brain handles habits

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I’m a nail-biter. It’s a bad, bad habit. However, I have a good habit of always putting my seatbelt on before starting my car. Scientists have recently gone behind the […]

Nombra a Johnson para ser presidente de nivel nacional

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Ken Johnson, miembro de la facultad de Weber State, ha sido seleccionado para servir como el presidente de National Association of Local Boards of Health, o NALBH. En realidad, Johnson […]

Science Weekly: Reversing Milk Allergies

Science Weekly

Milk allergies are becoming more common, and it’s likely that you either know someone who has a milk allergy or have one yourself. Alternative milks and dairy products now provide […]