‘Elect Her’ aumentará el poder de mujeres

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Próxima semana, Weber State dará entrenamiento a las mujer cómo postularse. “Elect Her” es un evento nacional que ofrece entrenamiento para mujeres sobre cómo postularse para gobierno estudiantil y cualquier otra posición […]

Weber State celebrará el día de los muertos con una exibición de arte mexicana

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Muchos relacionan el día de los muertos con calaveras. José Guadalupe Posada, un pintor Mexicano satírico, pinto carteles de las personas en poder como calaveras. Después de su muerte en […]

Sam Comroe: "I got 99 problems, but a twitch ain't one"

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On Thursday afternoon, comedian Sam Comroe performed a show about living with Tourette’s syndrome. The show covered various topics including dating,   parties, bullying and even driving in Utah snow. “This […]

Tunnel of Oppression raises awareness about bullying

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Three short films were shown focusing on different forms of oppression and bullying for the Tunnel of Oppression event Tuesday. The Center for Diversity and Unity put together the “Tunnel […]

Costumes from WSU studio get their own gallery

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This month, the Shepherd Union Gallery houses a costume exhibit put together by the Weber State University Department of Performing Arts. The exhibit, Arte Gras VIII, coincides with Mardi Gras, […]

Students learn about water usage

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Students walking across the breezeway that connects the Shepherd Union Building with the Student Services Building might have noticed something different this past week. An exhibit that is a collaborative […]